Day Program

Smiling people serving up soup and sandwiches. PHD ABIS offers in two locations across the MH and CW LHINs; Mississauga and Orangeville. Clients have the opportunity to attend a variety of groups and special event outings ranging from social recreational, exercise and fitness, skill building and daily drop-in hours. PHD ABIS also offers Psychosocial groups, including Anger Management, Depression Support, Self Esteem Support, ABI Education, Communication, Social Skills, Peer Support and Substance Use and Brain Injury (SUBI).

Assisted Living

An assisted living building PHD ABIS provides assisted living beds with 24 hour/ 7 days a week staff support in Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton. PHD ABIS supports five residential environments. These sites are designed to support a range of individuals, from highly structured living environments to long-term supported living. All residential placements are based on assessed need and focus on maintaining independent living skills and social recreational engagement in the residence and in the community.

Case Management

Two smiling people looking at paperwork PHD ABIS offers Case Management to all outreach service recipients not living in a PHD ABIS assisted living site. Services offered include coordination of community services and resource linkages, assistance with financial and legal matters, academic assessment and placement, life skills support, and annual service plan reviews to assess and plan for future needs. Case Managers link clients to other community agencies and organizations that can help them achieve greater levels of community engagement and independence.

Clinical Services

Two smiling people going over some paperwork PHD ABIS offers a broad range of Clinical Services, including Psychological assessment and treatment (with access to a Psychologist on staff and a second consulting Psychologist), Neuro-Psychiatry consultation for medication management, access to a Registered Social Worker, behavioural consultation, family/caregiver counselling and support, and client counselling. PHD ABIS is also an approved Ontario Telehealth Network (OTN) hub to increase access to Clinical Services and community agencies.

Seniors Services

Two smiling people - one is pushing the other in a wheelchair The PHD ABIS Neuro-Behavioural Support Workers (NBSW) team provides behavioural support and engagement to clients with ABI presenting with cognitive/ behavioural challenges in Long Term Care settings, home and hospital environments. The goal of this program is to assist the client in sustaining the living environment, increase the opportunities for engagement and quality of life, decrease the possibility of relocation to inappropriate environments or hospital, assist in ALC transitions, and provide support to the attending caregiver (i.e. education).

Supported Independent Living

Two smiling people looking at bananas at the grocery store. PHD ABIS offers Supportive Independent Living (SIL) services to individuals living independently in the community who require lower levels of support in order to sustain that independence. SIL staff provide medication assistance, community-based appointment support (including medical, financial, vocational), and transportation training to increase access to the broader community. The SIL program works in conjunction with various community housing partners, including SHIP and Able Living, to provide optimal cross-agency client support.

Care Giver/Family Services

A smiling person showing a Powerpoint presentation PHD ABIS offers services specifically directed towards caregivers, independent from their loved one. Psychological/ Family Counselling, Neuro-Psychiatric Consultation, ABI education (including online programs), peer support groups facilitated by a Registered Social Worker, and access to select Day Services events and programs are all included in Caregiver Services. PHD ABIS has begun implementing pilot initiatives to expand respite opportunities for client assessment and family support.

Extendicare Halton Hills Integrated Partnership

The Halton Hills sign PHD ABIS, in partnerships with Extendicare Halton Hills Long Term Care in Georgetown, developed a service to support clients in need of long term residency who are at risk of losing residential placement due to cognitive and/or behavioural challenges. This Integration Partnership combines the environment, nursing supports, facility infrastructure, and personal support workers of a Long Term Care facility with additional on-site support staffing provided by PHD ABIS.